Handpan Shop

Looking for a beautiful handpan? Welcome to our SAVITA HANDPAN SHOP - the largest selection of high quality handpans. Shipping worldwide.
Handpans are our specialty and true passion and over the years we have carefully selected the most beautiful sounding handpans - with so many happy customers around the world.
At the moment we have these amazing handpans in stock:
MAG B Celtic, MAG C# Annaziska,  MAG D Kurd9, Panstream D Magic Hour, PanAmor B Celtic Flower of Life, PanAmor C# Annaziska, SEW D Kurd 8, Panstream D Celtic stainless, SEW D Kurd 9 stainless, SEW D Celtic Professional, SEW C# Celtic Professional.
You can listen to each them in the videos played by Pavel Sedlacek.

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