About us

Welcome to SAVITA MUSIC - one of the largest source of high quality specialised musical instruments that are ideal for sound healing, music therapy, education, relaxation, harmonisation and pure joy of music.

All our instruments are carefully selected and include the finest ones you can find today around the world. With more than 30 years of practical experience in this field, we are happy to advise and recommend the ideal setup for your needs - whether it is for individual needs or more complex systems for music therapy, sound healing, education or wellness centres.

And not only that - you are welcome to visit us and explore literally hundreds of musical instruments in our showroom where we will be happy to show you how to play and use them. You can listen to music samples and watch videos of many instruments on our website.

We offer:

- friendly customer service with full support and warranty
- expert advice and consultancy
- many unique instruments that are only available from us
- best prices with the payment via bank transfer, paypal or credit card
- quick delivery by UPS within Europe and also worldwide

You can contact us any time by email or telephone.

The founder and spirit of Savita Music is Ivo Sedlacek - world renowned musician, music therapist and expert on musical instruments.

Ivo has dedicated much of his life to travelling, discovering and studying unique and unusual musical instruments, testing possibilities of their sound and use and establishing close relations with many of their top creators and manufacturers.

Ivo is happy to offer personal assistance and advice to help you select the best musical instruments for your needs, show and instruct you how to play them (also possible via Skype) and give you a deeper insight in to various apects of music, music therapy and use of musical instruments.

For more information you can have at  www.ivosedlacek.com

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