Who we are

Ivo Sedlacek and Pavel Sedlacek (father and son) are behind the project SAVITA MUSIC.

Ivo Sedlacek is a world renowned musician, music therapist and expert on musical instruments. He has performed and conducted workshops and seminars all around the world. Ivo has dedicated much of his life to travelling, discovering and studying unique and unusual musical instruments, testing possibilities of their sound and use in music therapy, sound healing, meditation, wellness, in schools etc. Ivo is happy to offer personal assistance and advice to help you select the best musical instruments for your needs.


Pavel Sedlacek is considered to be one of the most remarkable world handpans players. He performed at many concerts in Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan and Namibia. He plays many musical instruments as well and he is an expert in making professional videos and photographs. 


Jana Kotkova is the head of our customer service team. She will be happy to assist and advise you with all the aspects of your orders (choice, shipping, payment etc.) including special requirements and she can also guide you if you happen to visit our unique showroom.