Therapeutic Tuning Forks Solfeggio
Therapeutic Tuning Forks Solfeggio
Therapeutic Tuning Forks Solfeggio

Therapeutic Tuning Forks Solfeggio

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Solfeggio frequencies have been known since ancient times and are based on the Pythagorean scale. The set of nine frequencies is an ideal tool for working on both spiritual and bodily levels. Their vibrations have a healing and recovery effect, helping to release all anxiety and stress. The vibration of the Solfeggio tuning forks strengthens the vital energy and restores balance and harmony. The ancient frequencies have been rediscovered by Dr. Joseph Puleo. However, they are described in detail in the book by Dr. Leonard Horowitz - 'Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse'. At the same time, the solfeggio frequencies are the range of the musical scale, and such great artists as Beethoven or Mozart used them as a basis for their works, and their pieces still excite the senses and evoke powerful emotions.

The six basic tones are:

Ut – Overcoming guilt and fear - 396 Hz

Re – Facilitating change and support - 417 Hz

Mi – transformation, dreams, and DNA repair - 528 Hz

Fa – human connections and relationships - 639 Hz

Sol – waking an intuition  - 741 Hz

La – return to the spirit - 852 Hz

Additional three tones:

174 Hz (=3)

285 Hz (=6)

963 Hz (=9)

And a frequency of 1122 Hz, which combines all the advantages of the other Solfeggio frequencies.

The set comes with a convenient case.

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