Therapeutic Tuning Forks Mineral
Therapeutic Tuning Forks Mineral
Therapeutic Tuning Forks Mineral

Therapeutic Tuning Forks Mineral

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Mineral tuning forks can be used to harmonize minerals with the body.

The frequencies of these minerals were determined by Dr. Barbara Hero and the Lambdoba

Institute. This set includes:

Calcium – 320 Hz – essential for building healthy, strong bones, helps nerves communicate, allows muscles to contract, and is necessary for blood clotting.

Chromium – 384 Hz – is a mineral that has a beneficial role in the regulation of insulin action.

Copper – 464 Hz – is an essential nutrient for the body. It helps in maintaining healthy bones, blood vessels, nerves, and immune function.

Iodine – 424 Hz – is an essential mineral for the production of thyroid hormones and may benefit the treatment of hypothyroidism, among other conditions.

Iron – 416 Hz – helps accelerate hemoglobin to carry oxygen to various parts of the body. Oxygen is crucial for all cells in the body, and iron supports the process of delivering it.

Manganese – 400 Hz - is a mineral that helps with muscle relaxation and bone maintenance.

Molybdenum – 336 Hz - plays an essential role in the enzymatic process of iron utilization in the body, preventing anemia and enhancing overall well-being.  

Potassium – 304 Hz - responsible for transferring electrical impulses between cells, controls skeletal muscle and heart function.

Selenium – 272 Hz – is an antioxidant that helps eliminate free radicals. Without this mineral, the body would not be able to fight off harmful particles.

Zinc – 480 Hz – is a mineral that supports the immune system. Unbalanced amounts of zinc in the body contribute to lowering immunity and thus increases the risk of diseases and illnesses.

Sodium – 352 Hz – supports the work of nerves and muscles, increases the solubility of calcium and other minerals, and supports the kidney.

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