A therapeutic tuning fork is a metal instrument that acts as an acoustic resonator. Each one is tuned to a specific tone/frequency. When we give the tuning fork a physical impulse, it resonates into the surrounding space and also vibrates in itself.


Therapy with special therapeutic tuning forks is a gentle, non-invasive acoustic therapy. Tuning forks allow the body to respond to the vibration by balancing and tuning the flow of energy. Our body is fundamentally a "musical instrument" with countless given tones and vibrations, which can easily become "detuned" due to many external and internal factors, but if we allow it to retune, we can achieve optimal inner harmony.

When we resonate the tuning forks and apply their vibrations to selected diagnostic points along the meridians of our body, we can achieve a rapid change in body biochemistry and bring harmonic balance back to our nervous system, muscle tension, and internal organs. Our mind can also find a state of calm and inner peace.


  • help deepen the clarity of mind and quality of brain functions
  • help improve and restore the natural rhythmic cycles of the body, positively affecting physical, mental, and spiritual levels
  • help improve energy flow in the body
  • enhance mental concentration
  • reduce stress
  • aid in healing strained muscles and tendons
  • can induce a state of deep relaxation
  • contribute to the development of auditory skills
  • improve and deepen subsequent massage, acupressure, and meditation
  • bring the nervous system into balance
  • help with mental integration of brain hemispheres


Tuning forks were originally used to tune musical instruments because they emit perfect and pure sinusoidal frequencies that allow instruments to be tuned to the correct pitch. However, when we resonate a tuning fork, we notice that this impulse causes the air around the tuning fork to vibrate, and very strong vibrational impulses spread through the air. Therefore, tuning forks also began to be used to increase energy in various parts of the body.

Each tuning fork has a specific application depending on the frequency, and some can be applied directly to acupressure points.

Simply resonate the tuning fork and apply it to any part of the body you want to heal – whether through direct contact with the body or by letting the tuning fork resonate close to it. We can also use them in energy healing by placing them near various chakras or energy centers along the spine. These energy centers coincide with places where nerve centers along the spine send impulses to various organs, so by energizing these areas, we stimulate the organs to more health-promoting activity. The tuning fork can also be applied directly to acupressure points.

We resonate the tuning fork with a special hammer or by striking it against a surface. Immediately afterward, we apply it to our body or the body of our client and let it resonate. Then we repeat the entire process and can gradually change the frequency of the tuning forks. The best guide in this process is our intuition, our feeling, and our (or the client's) response to this therapy.


Tuning forks are available in many special frequencies – either individually or as part of special sets. At Léčivé Nástroje, we have selected the highest quality therapeutic tuning forks for you, which you can use for various purposes.

You can choose from special sets:

Individual tuning forks are also available:

Tuning fork Sunday 194,18 Hz

Tuning fork Sunday 194,18 Hz

58.00 €
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Tuning fork 528 Hz Solfeggio

Tuning fork 528 Hz Solfeggio

41.00 €
In Stock