Restore the harmony of body and mind with the healing vibrations of crystal bowls

Have you ever wondered how to easily and effectively create a beautiful harmonizing atmosphere for your inner and outer space? One very effective option could be crystal bowls - unique musical instruments.

It has long been known that our body, mind, and organs vibrate at certain frequencies. If these frequencies become "out of tune" in some way, internal problems, illness, etc., may appear. However, the body and mind have an amazing property: if we give them an appropriate external impulse, certain universal harmonizing vibrations, they can "retune" themselves to some extent. And one of the unique musical instruments that can help restore inner harmony is the crystal bowl.

Crystal bowls are unique musical instruments made of 99.99% pure crystal. The tones of these bowls gently penetrate our entire body, mind, and inner energy system, bringing deeply calming, harmonizing, and regenerating effects. Recent medical research even speaks of the complex healing effects of these vibrations.

We can try for ourselves that the tones of crystal bowls bring many positive effects:

  • reduce stress and tension
  • stimulate and strengthen the immune system
  • help lower blood pressure and mental unrest
  • deepen relaxation and help relieve pain
  • contribute to the purification and harmonization of our energy system (chakras)
  • help reduce adrenaline levels in the body
  • have a direct effect on mental processes, muscles, nervous system, heartbeat, digestive and circulatory systems
  • purify the mental and emotional level
  • induce a pleasant meditative mood

Unlike Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls are tuned to specific tones (C, D, E, F, G, B, c). The lower the tone, the larger the diameter and size of the bowl. We even have giant bowls with a diameter of up to 55 cm.

Crystal Bowl First Chakra 35 cm

Crystal Bowl First Chakra 35 cm

280.00 € 288.00 €
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Red Crystal Bowl 35 cm C "Earth"

Red Crystal Bowl 35 cm C "Earth"

312.00 € 392.00 €
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You can make a bowl resonate very easily by turning a special mallet around its edge or by tapping the bowl with the mallet. You will be surprised at how easily the bowl resonates and how beautiful, long-lasting, and rich tones fill the entire space.

You can make one bowl resonate or, for even more complex resonance and effect, combine bowls into harmoniously and ethereally sounding sets: two, three, or even seven bowls (chakra set).

Harmonising duo D - G

Harmonising duo D - G

440.00 €
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Harmonising trio D-E-G

Harmonising trio D-E-G

604.00 €
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Harmonising duo G - c

Harmonising duo G - c

328.00 €
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Set of Chakra crystal bowls

Set of Chakra crystal bowls

1 560.00 € 1 680.00 €
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How to Choose Crystal Bowls?

You can listen to our samples and videos and choose your bowls from our website or try them all in person at our Léčivé Nástroje showroom in Jablonec nad Nisou, where we have prepared the highest quality crystal bowls for you and where we will inspire you on how to use these instruments most effectively for your practice. Book your visit today and come discover your ideal crystal instruments.