Therapeutic Tuning Forks Planetary
Therapeutic Tuning Forks Planetary

Therapeutic Tuning Forks Planetary

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Each tuning fork is marked both as to the frequency of sound emitted and the corresponding celestial bodies. These include:

Terra - 136.10 Hz

Sol - 126.22 Hz

Pluto - 140.25 Hz

Mercurius - 141.27 Hz

Mars - 144.72 Hz

Saturnus - 147.85 Hz

Platonic year - 172.06 Hz

Iuppiter - 183.58 Hz

Synodic day - 194.18 Hz

Uranus - 207.36 Hz

Luna(new) - 210.42 Hz

Neptunus - 211.44 Hz

Venus - 221.23 Hz

Luna(full)- 227.43 Hz


Using the sounds of planetary tuning forks, we can restore the original frequencies of our bodies.

A great many illnesses have their roots in energy imbalance. Therefore, the use of the basic cleansing and regulating techniques often restores the state of balance, cleanses the central energy centers and regulates their work.

As we listen, our body gradually adjusts itself to the sounds. The frequency is absorbed by every cell of your entire body. Tuning fork therapy is especially recommended for people with disorders such as:

  • concentration; sleep; neurotic; depressive, with circulatory and digestive disorders,
  • with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD);
  • Down's syndrome;
  • cerebral palsy;
  • Alzheimer's disease;
  • multiple sclerosis

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