Rainsticks are musical instruments of various sizes, material and design. Rainsticks are filled with various types of particles and seeds which create a sound similar to rain or flowing water (you can use them as a rhythmic rattle as well). They are very pleasant and relaxing instruments which can be used as an acoustic background or in combination with other musical instruments. 
We offer large array of various types and sizes of rainsticks. You can choose between small and large rainsticks and also between natural surface and various types of design. They are ideal for different types of music therapy, music education, relaxing music and enjoying from beautiful and soothing sounds.
Rainstick cactus 15 cm

Rainstick cactus 15 cm

10.00 €
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Rainstick cactus 25 cm

Rainstick cactus 25 cm

11.00 €
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Rainstick cactus 35 cm

Rainstick cactus 35 cm

14.00 €
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Rainstick cactus 50 cm

Rainstick cactus 50 cm

19.00 €
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Painted rainstick 50 cm

Painted rainstick 50 cm

24.00 €
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Cactus rainstick thin 100 cm

Cactus rainstick thin 100 cm

36.00 €
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Cactus rainstick thin 75 cm

Cactus rainstick thin 75 cm

33.00 €
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Bamboo Rainstick 50 cm

Bamboo Rainstick 50 cm

21.00 €
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Bamboo Rainstick 40 cm

Bamboo Rainstick 40 cm

18.00 €
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Rainstick 100 cm

Rainstick 100 cm

27.83 €
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