Rain stick "Coloured Touch" 150 cm
Rain stick "Coloured Touch" 150 cm
Rain stick "Coloured Touch" 150 cm

Rain stick "Coloured Touch" 150 cm

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Sound samples

Cactus rainstick thin "Coloured Touch" 150 cm - sample



Rainstick with beautiful handmade paint motifs.

The sound of the rainstick can be modified by varying the speed and angle of inclination, allowing for the creation of different sound effects and dynamics, from gentle drizzle to strong downpour.

  • Length: approx. 150 cm | 60"
  • Diameter: approx. 5 cm | 2"


The rainstick is a musical instrument that originates from various cultures of South America, primarily from Chile and Peru. This instrument is known for its distinctive sound, which resembles falling raindrops or a heavy downpour. Rainsticks are traditionally made from long hollow tubes, often from cactus or other plant materials, into which seeds or small pebbles are inserted.

Rainsticks are used not only as musical instruments but also in meditation and therapeutic practices for their soothing and relaxing effect. Due to their ease of use and specific sound, they are popular in music education or as decorative objects.

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