Sound beds

Our sound bed LENA is an unique therapeutic and meditative musical instrument. Through its complex vibrations and resonances, it brings deep healing and regenerative effects for the whole body and mind. With the help of this instrument we can also experience very deep and uplifting relaxation meditation and regeneration on all levels. This instrument has very broad spectrum of use in music therapy, wellness, relaxation, sound healing, recovery and and also within schools, kindergartens and social institutions.

How the sound bed LENA differs from similar instruments ? Well, quite a lot. Before all, it is its overall sound that thanks to unique acoustic construction is exceptionally deep, healing, rich and intensive. It has two playable sides - each with a different basic tone. Due to very sophisticated round shape, it is very pleasant to rest on it. And thanks to very unique and sophisticated fine tuning system, it is very easy to tune it quickly and precisely.


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