Small sets of hanging meditation bells
Small set of 8 meditation bells

Small sets of hanging meditation bells

Upon order
800.00 €
Ex Tax: 661.16 €


Our unique small sets of meditation bells  are source of very rich, pleasant and deeply harmonising resonances. They can be used in sound healing, music therapy, for relaxation and meditation and also in combination with other musical instruments. Supplied with mallet.
You can choose a wooden stand (160 EUR) or you can hang them on the ceiling etc.



D-minor 6 chimes Ø25mm, tune a‘-c‘‘-d‘‘-f‘‘-g‘‘-a‘‘ 790 € (D-min A6/25h)

D-minor 8 chimes Ø25mm, tune a‘-c‘‘-d‘‘-f‘‘-g‘‘-a‘‘-c‘‘‘-d‘‘‘ 950 € (D-min A8/25h)

D-minor 10 chimes Ø25mm, tune a‘-c‘‘-d‘‘-f‘‘-g‘‘-a‘‘-c‘‘‘-d‘‘‘-e‘‘‘-f ‘‘‘ 1100 € (D-min A10/25h)

D-minor 8 chimes Ø25mm, tune d‘‘-f‘‘-a‘‘-c‘‘‘-d‘‘‘-e‘‘‘-g‘‘‘-c‘‘‘‘ 950 € (D-min D8/25h)


D-major 6 chimes Ø25mm, tune h‘-d‘‘-e‘‘-f#‘‘-a‘‘-h‘‘ 790 € (D-maj H6/25h)

D-major 8 chimes Ø25mm, tune h‘-d‘‘-f#‘‘-a‘‘-h‘‘-d‘‘‘-e‘‘‘-f#‘‘‘ 950 € (D-maj H8/25h)

D-major 10 chimes Ø25mm, tune h‘-d‘‘-e‘‘-f#‘‘-a‘‘-h‘‘-d‘‘‘-e‘‘‘-f#‘‘‘-a‘‘‘ 1100 € (D-maj H10/25h)

D-major 8 chimes Ø25mm, tune d‘‘-f#‘‘-a‘‘-h‘‘-d‘‘‘-e‘‘‘-f#‘‘‘-a‘‘‘ 950 €  (D-maj D8/25h)


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