Meditation Brass swinging chimes - 6 tones
Meditation Brass swinging chimes - 6 tones

Meditation Brass swinging chimes - 6 tones

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These unique six-tone brass rotating waves produce beautiful, captivating, spherical sound and rich resonances with a very long sustain - created by the hands of one of the world's greatest masters of these instruments. They can be held in hand and further intensified by various vibrational movements, or they can be suspended on a stand (which allows them to rotate while playing). They are tuned in various tonalities - in tempered, natural, harmonic, or solfeggio tunings. An amazing instrument for relaxation, meditation, and various types of therapy for adults and children, as well as for harmonizing spaces and creating an atmosphere for exercises, and more.

Please specify the desired tuning in the order notes.

You can hear this tuning in the video:

D Major 6 Bells Ø25mm, tones h'-d''-e''-f#''-a''-h'' (D-maj H6/25sw)

Other available tunings include:

D Minor 6 Bells Ø25mm, tones a'-c''-d''-f''-g''-a'' (D-min A6/25sw)

A special mallet is included with each instrument.

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