Element "Earth" - large music set
Element "Earth" - large music set

Element "Earth" - large music set

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The Earth element is associated with grounding and connection. It represents mental activity, our thoughts, intellect, logic, memory, cognition and focus. The earth is a symbol of Midsummer, when the rich summer harvest arrives to nourish us.
The Earth set includes:
Djembe Lena II 50 cm leather Feather
Children's djembe Lena 30
Rubber nuts
Big musical frog
Juju's baptismal font
Painted turtle
Lotus flower banger
Boom wah!! BH-DG
Musical frog brown medium
Cha-cha nuts on a stick
Wood 18 cm
2 x Carved painted maracca
Painted shaman drum with larger feathers
Big painted owl
Little owl
The photo of the set is illustrative, the instruments are supplied according to the current stock.

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