HIGH SPIRITS Condor Bass E minor (aromatic cedar)
Condor Bass E

HIGH SPIRITS Condor Bass E minor (aromatic cedar)

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High Spirits' Native American bass flute with a totem, tuned in E minor.

Even a beginner can easily learn to play this 6-hole flute, thanks to a fabric tape for covering the third hole, which makes the instrument even more manageable.

  • Length: 58 cm
  • Diameter: 4,5 cm
  • Number of holes: 6
  • Tuning: E minor
  • Material: aromatic cedar

Case not included.


High Spirits flutes have been quality instruments since 1990, made from a single piece of carefully selected wood with an attention to detail, giving the instrument an attractive appearance and a full, diverse sound.

Flutes are traditionally used not only for musical purposes but also often for meditation and ritualistic purposes. They are considered instruments that help establish a connection with the spiritual world and nature.

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