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Juniper excites you, gives you decisiveness, courage and openness, at the same time it is anti-inflammatory. Significantly strengthens the kidneys and urinary system, is diuretic, cleansing and anti-rheumatic, is used for swelling, inflammation of the bladder, urinary stones, cold limbs, is effective against gout, rheumatism, arthritis, joint pain, fatigue, cleanses from negative thoughts. Say goodbye to cold feet and everything that prevents you from breathing deeply without inhibitions! Treat your oily and problematic skin with love. Feel peace and forgiveness in your heart and move forward without unwanted burdens and fears of failure. Encourage your desire for private adventures as a couple.

  • Scent: fresh, woody, bittersweet with a hint of herbs and fruity notes
  • Content: 10 ml

Made in India.

  • Natural essence without chemical additives
  • Can be used for inhalation, bath, and massage, do not use undiluted on the skin
  • Hand-pressed oil is environmentally friendly

Keep out of reach of children | Do not use internally

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