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This oil is extracted from the wood of cedar trees and has a delicate woody scent with light spicy undertones. Cedarwood is traditionally used to calm the mind, harmonize the whole body, cleanse, facilitate falling asleep, and improve sleep quality. It is an antiseptic, diuretic oil, particularly effective for infections of the urinary, respiratory, and reproductive systems. It helps clear blood vessels and the lymphatic system (arteriosclerosis, cellulite, swelling), strengthens willpower, and enhances resistance to external pressure.

  • Scent: woody, sweet, balsamic, and slightly camphoraceous
  • Content: 10 ml

Made in India.

  • Natural essence without chemical additives
  • Can be used for inhalation, bathing, and massage
  • Hand-pressed oil is environmentally friendly

Keep out of reach of children | Not for internal use

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