Tuning Forks Sun 126,22 Hz

Tuning Forks Sun 126,22 Hz

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Tuning forks tuned in the Sun frequencies.

These special planetary tuning forks are made in Germany using the calculations of Hans Cousto to match the frequencies of the sun, moon and planets. Each one is tuned to produce the corresponding frequency of the celestial body. These tuning forks have been designed for use in therapeutic applications. 

The Sun is the giver of life, without which we could not exist and is the center of our solar system. It symbolizes power, dignity, courage, honesty, willpower, pride, and a sense of responsibility. It does not acknowledge shortcuts, intrigues, and deceit, and is generous towards enemies. If the Sun is rising or well-aspected, it enables support in efforts to achieve success and help from influential friends. However, if the Sun is weak, the opposite traits manifest in such a person. In terms of health, the Sun governs the brain, nervous system, heart and vascular system, eyesight, and the right side of the body. The Sun provides energy to the body. Place the tuning fork in the center of the body - on the navel, to strengthen the spleen and the 3rd chakra. It is best placed between the 2nd and 3rd chakras, about 2 - 3 cm around the navel.

  • Size: 8.3" / 21 cm
  • Weight: 86 g
  • Tuning: 126.22 Hz / B2 (H2) - A4/a' 440 Hz / 449.80 Hz

Premium stainless steel. Ergonomic shaped cork handle. Engraved logo and tuning info.

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