Tuning Forks Mars 144,72 Hz

Tuning Forks Mars 144,72 Hz

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Tuning forks tuned in the Mars frequencies.

These special planetary tuning forks are made in Germany using the calculations of Hans Cousto to match the frequencies of the sun, moon and planets. Each one is tuned to produce the corresponding frequency of the celestial body. These tuning forks have been designed for use in therapeutic applications. 

Mars - stimulates new ideas, encourages action, supports self-expression, supports new beginnings, creates vitality and energy, promotes forward movement and self-awareness, discovery of male attributes. This tuning fork mainly helps with osteoporosis, but it also strongly activates the kidney area, making it suitable for the 1st chakra. It can be applied to the bladder point or kidney zone when there are kidney issues.

  • Size: 7.8" / 19.8 cm
  • Weight: 82 g
  • Tuning: 144.72 Hz / D3 - A4/a' 440 Hz  433.67 Hz

Premium stainless steel. Ergonomic shaped cork handle. Engraved logo and tuning info.

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