How to create a pleasant and calming sound of gentle rain and flowing water? Simply stand and turn our meditation rain pillar, just like you would turn an hourglass.

Thanks to its unique internal construction and the use of special natural materials, the sound flows gently and beautifully - from 15 to 40 minutes (depending on the size of the pillar).

You will love this sound. It deepens and enriches your meditation and yoga practice, works wonderfully during massages and relaxation, creates a pleasant atmosphere in the office and at home, and helps your children fall asleep easily. And the best part is, this instrument plays all by itself...

It is simply one of the most perfect relaxation and meditation tools that allows you to rest and relieve stress and tension, while also supporting creativity and positive thinking.

It's no wonder: it has been known since ancient times that the sound of flowing water and rain has very positive and harmonizing effects on our entire body and mind.

  • naturally calming
  • reduces stress
  • improves our mental tranquility and health
  • increases concentration and creativity
  • improves sleep quality
  • can deepen our meditation practice

Our meditation rain pillars are handmade and made from purely natural materials. You can place them anywhere. You will be captivated by their simple beauty: in addition to the noble wood, you can also enjoy the sight of ancient healing mandalas, the Tree of Life and the Flower of Life.

If you wish, we can create a rain pillar for you in the design, graphics, and inscriptions according to your wishes.

Meditation Rain Pillar 75 cm

Meditation Rain Pillar 75 cm

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Meditation Rain pillar 125 cm

Meditation Rain pillar 125 cm

740.00 €
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How does a rain pillar work? Simply stand it up or turn it over and the sound of water and rain begins to flow... Depending on the size of the pillar, the flow duration is:

  • 75 cm up to 15 minutes
  • 92 cm up to 25 minutes
  • 125 cm up to 40 minutes

The sound of our rain pillars has the ability to bring the body and mind into a pleasant relaxation in the alpha, theta, and delta levels, which are extremely relaxing for our brain and bring us into a state of deep inner peace. Their sound also harmonizes the entire surrounding space.

These unique musical instruments are great not only in the home environment but are also very proven for schools and kindergartens, yoga studios, massage salons, and even workplaces. Rain pillars can also be used in individual therapies and in combination with other musical instruments. Their sound contains frequencies from 1 Hz to 22,000 Hz and thus represents a completely different level of perception and impact than the limited playback of water sounds through headphones or speakers.


You can let the meditation rain pillar flow gently at your workplace or office. It's no wonder that a recent study conducted at Harvard University shows that people complete their work faster when they listen to the sound of rain. In addition to increasing productivity, this sound also supports their confidence and creativity:

Meditation rain pillars also create a beautiful atmosphere in our homes. Not only children but also pets love them :) :

Meditation rain pillars are the ideal accompaniment for yoga practice, therapies, massages, and meditation: