Chakra Set S
Chakra Set S

Chakra Set S

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 The set with 7 tuning forks tuned into frequencies of 7 chakras in S size.

The set includes:

1st  Chakra = 194.18 Hz Earth-day
2nd Chakra = 210.42 Hz Moon, synodic
3rd  Chakra = 126.22 Hz Sun tone
4th  Chakra = 136.10 Hz Earth-year, Om
5th  Chakra = 141.27 Hz Mercury
6th  Chakra = 221.23 Hz Venus
7th Chakra = 172.06 Hz Earth-Platonic year

Plus the booklet "The Cosmic Octave Tuning Forks"

Length: 18,75 cm, stem: 3,75

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