Carved djembe 60 cm
Carved djembe 60 cm
Carved djembe 60 cm

Carved djembe 60 cm

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This is a hand-carved djembe drum, made from either mahogany or walnut wood, which are both commonly used due to their excellent resonance properties and durability. The drum features a tunable design, allowing for precise adjustments to the tone. The lower portion of the djembe boasts intricate hand carvings, making each piece unique. These drums are not only musical instruments but also works of art, reflecting the rich cultural craftsmanship of the region.

  • Height: aprox. 60 cm | 23"
  • Diameter: aprox. 30 cm | 11" (playing surface)
  • Membrane: Natural


The djembe is a traditional African drum that originates from West Africa. It is renowned for its rich, expressive sound and is popular across many music genres worldwide. Typically made from a hollowed-out piece of wood and covered with an animal skin, often goat, which is stretched and affixed to the drum body using rope or metal rings. The djembe is played solely with the hands and allows for a wide range of tones from deep bass to high slaps. Players can vary the sound produced through different striking techniques, pressure, and hand positioning. The djembe is not just a musical instrument but also holds spiritual and communicative significance in African cultures, being used in various rituals and celebrations.

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