Marimba RXMV 5100

Basic Marimba RMV 4300 + Extensions Ex-B90 + Ex-X140.  Variable configuration from event to event possible.

Sound and Intonation: Perfect, long lasting intonation - only the best hand selected Honduras Rosewood is used - Basically full ground and strong carrying tone in the bass notes - extremely dynamic playing with simultaneous tonal balance in all ranges - 75 mm wide tone bars in the bass range - perfect for playing larger intervals - separately detachable, with synthetic fiber tussues reinforced tone bars in the bass notes - tuning request from 440 to 446 without extra charges.

Construction and frame: Extremely solid and stable even by ver frequent assembly and disassembly - beams ma...more

Available upon order
485 920 CZK
401 587 CZK without VAT
18 689,23 EUR
15 445,65 EUR without VAT
16 755,86 GBP
13 847,82 GBP without VAT
Marimba RXMV 5100
  • 6.2 Octaves C - d5
  • Especially developed, large volume chamber resonators for the bass notes improve the richness of the tone.
  • Measure: 300 x 108 cm
  • Protective cover included
  • Three pairs of mallets12058,82