The album "Into The Dream" is an evolution of the previous album “Pantheon”, bringing new touches of the unique music played by Ivo Sedlacek and his son Pavel Sedlacek. The musical interplay of spherical violin, flute and string instruments with the transcendental OMana handpans results in a universe of harmonious flowing sound that will touch the deeper dimensions of the soul and give rise to new inspiration....more

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1 Before You Sleep 02:05
2 Echoes 01:52
3 Iceland Phantassy 02:30
4 Intermezzo 02:19
5 Ino The Dream 02:32

Ivo Sedlacek - spherical violins, flute, concert monochord, tuned glass, guitar, vocals

Pavel Sedlacek - OMana handpans

special guest: Adrian Freedman - shakuhachi

The album contains eleven pieces that are connected in one continuously flowing "story" that you can return to again and again. Some of the musical pieces were also transformed into beautiful scenic videos that you can watch on the YouTube channel "Pavel&Ivo Sedlacek - Music from the Heart".

Publisher: Savita Music
Publishing year: 2020