Therapeutic Tuning Forks Seven chakra weighted

Therapeutic Tuning Forks Seven chakra weighted

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Each tuning fork is marked both as to the frequency of sound emitted and the corresponding chakra. These include:

1. Base chakra (root) - also Earth Day 194.18 Hz instinct, survival, safety 

2. Sacral chakra (lower abdomen) - also synodic month 210.42 Hz emotions, creativeness  

3. Solar chakra (solar plexus) – Sun 126.22 Hz mental functions, power, control, ambition, career  

4. Heart chakra – Earth Year ( also OM vibration) 136.10 Hz devotion, love, compassion, healing           

5. Throat chakra – Mercury 141.27 Hz speech, self-expression 

6. Third Eye chakra – Wenus 221.23 Hz intuition, analysis, extra-sensory perception

7. Crown Chakra – platonic year 172.06 Hz complete thinking, paranormal functions


Chakras are - in the tradition of Hinduism and Tantric Buddhism - energy centers in the human body. To each of the chakras is assigned color, element, as well as planets and astronomical phenomena. Developing individual chakras leads to a person's personal growth in various areas.

Swiss mathematician and musicologist Hans Cousto developed these frequencies based on mathematical calculations of planetary movement.

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