Sawgrass Flute smaller 13
Sawgrass Flute smaller 13
Sawgrass Flute smaller 13

Sawgrass Flute smaller 13

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These Saw-Grass flutes are made of a marsh-reed very similar to River Cane.

The reed has been used to make everything from drinking straws (yes Native Americans used drinking straws!) to fish baskets, blowguns, houses and boats! It is a very light-weight material and makes some beautifully haunting and melodic flutes. These flutes with 5 holes are usually near the key of "A", "B" or "C" although, I am not currently offering them specifically tuned.

Sawgrass is another indigenous type of cane which has grown in North America since before Columbus. It also grows just about everywhere around the world! This is one of our favorite materials to work with because of not only its natural physical beauty, but it also makes excellent sounding flutes!
Lenght 40 - 43 cm
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