RAV Drum

RAV Drum

RAV Drum is truly beautiful and unique musical instrument in the family of metal tuned percussions. An instrument with very absorbing sound, rich resonances and long sustain. It brings a deep pleasure and a flow of never ending inspiration when playing it.  Due to special patented technology there are up to 6 harmonics tuned on each tongue. 

RAV Drum is a precisely tuned instrument which can be played by beginners and professional musicians alike. It can be used for stage performances, studio recordings and also for music therapy, healing sound sessions, relaxation etc. It is availble in various tunings.

Its diameter is 51 cm, height 16-18 cm and weight 4,9 kg (RAV Vast 1) and 5,9 kg (RAV Vast 2)

We have many RAV Drums in various tunings in stock ! You can order them at any time.

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