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Ivo Sedlacek and Pavel Sedlacek performed together at many concerts and workshops in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, South Africa etc. and they created many musical albums and unique music videos.

You can find more information about their music, albums, concerts and workshop at www.mysticalduet.com


They said about us

""Beautiful ! I am so happy to got to see you perform in Los Angeles. I love the CD and listen to it every day"  Krista Benson

"We are still so impressed by last night's concert. Your music showed us that there are still some new undiscovered dimensions of sound which are so beautiful and not only evoke emotions but mainly touch the soul and spirit. Dorota Woźny

"Some experience cannot be described by words ... this was one of them ... never before I shed tears from a pure beauty .." Lenka Schuldesova

Some of music videos created by Ivo Sedlacek and Pavel Sedlacek

Here you can enjoy some of the unique music videos of Ivo and Pavel. Their music is played on special musical instruments (spherical violins, meditation flutes, string instruments, handpans etc.) and flows around beautiful sceneries all around the world. The sound of all the videos was recored in the Savita Studio and the videos were recorded and created by Pavel Sedlacek.
Their YouTube music is HERE and their travel documentary films channel is HERE