Meditation flute F from red wood
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Meditation flute F
Meditation flute F II.
Meditation flute F from red wood

Meditation flute F from red wood

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Sound samples

Meditation Flute F from Red Wood - sample
Meditation Flute F - "Song of Nicaragua"


The meditation flute in F made of rosewood is a beautiful and versatile musical instrument with endless creative possibilities for playing. The sound color easily changes depending on the type of wood used. The six-hole system allows for very flexible and smooth transitions between notes (gentle gliding in many forms).


  • 6 holes
  • 2-octave range
  • Diatonic and chromatic
  • Length of 47 cm

Flutes are among the oldest musical instruments in the world. Some of them are a bit more complicated to play, while others can be played very easily and intuitively. Immerse yourself in their enchanting sounds that carry the stress of everyday life far away. Their mystical sound can accompany your daily meditation and support your spiritual journey to rediscover your true self.

What does the flute really sound like?

For each flute, you can watch videos and listen to sound samples. We will be happy to show you how to play these beautiful flutes in our showroom.


Meditation Flute C from red wood

Meditation Flute C from red wood

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