Children love music. From the earliest infant age and even in the mother's womb, they are very sensitive to music, singing, and sound vibrations.

Music and the sounds of suitable musical instruments have an extremely positive, calming, and harmonizing influence on children, significantly contributing to their inner development and creativity, and can also become means of self-expression, joy, communication, or even effectively help mitigate deficits in these areas.

Even if we ourselves are not skilled musicians, with the help of simple, beautifully sounding instruments, we can create a positive musically harmonizing atmosphere for children, allowing them to participate in its creation. Instruments such as kigonki, sansula, tuned kalimba, simple lyres, kantele and zithers, tubalophones, chimes, xylophones, tuned percussion, tambourines, and many others are ideal for these purposes.

In the later preschool and early school age, besides these instruments, children will also enjoy creative musical animals and will be able to play the aforementioned instruments in more sophisticated ways - or even beautifully musically communicate with parents or other children.

Remarkable and unique instruments and devices that open up new possibilities for children both in preschool settings and at home include resonant cribs and special children's resonant cradles (see the Resonance Therapy section).

In music education classes in primary or secondary schools (or music theory at music schools), all these instruments can be very welcome, bringing a pleasant refreshment and opening new playful and expressive possibilities for deeper personal creativity and mutual musical communication and harmony: whether they are specially beautifully tuned melodic percussion (kigonki, rammerdumy, hang drums, etc.), various types of xylophones and chimes, quality Orff instruments, kalimbas, sansulas, lyres, zithers, kantele, various types of flutes, and many other instruments.

All these instruments can further be connected into harmonically sounding sets.

If you are interested in developing new elements of creative music education or music therapy in your school or facility, we would be happy to advise you on the optimal selection of musical instruments. If interested, we can also organize a special seminar for you (for teachers and children).