Whether we are involved in any form of music therapy, creative music education, music harmonization, or similar activities, one of the key elements of our work and its effectiveness is musical instruments.

A musical instrument opens up a new dimension, bringing touches of music, tones, and vibrations that affect us from the outside and within. It becomes a medium of musical communication, self-expression, and also a source of beneficial, harmonizing, healing, and uplifting tones and vibrations.

Therefore, musical instruments in music therapy are one of the most important elements of our work, and if we have at our disposal a set of beautiful, high-quality, and richly sounding musical instruments, it elevates our entire work and its effectiveness to a completely new level.

We often witness that musical instruments for these purposes are limited to a rather unremarkable, standardized, and poor set of typical rattles, chimes, and a few drums, etc., which are of course usable, but do not bring the necessary breadth, depth, and subtlety of the many wonderful aspects of music, sounds, and tones.

Surrounding ourselves with high-quality, inspiring, creative, and richly sounding musical instruments brings joy, fulfillment, and pleasure to ourselves as well as to our clients or students and everyone on whom the music is to have an impact - not to mention a completely new dimension and intensity of impact within our work.

A few tones on instruments like monochord, kigonki, beautifully sounding kantele, sansula, handpan, bass resonators, sound rotating waves, gong, and many others create a beautiful, deep, and calming atmosphere in the whole space within a few moments - without us having to be trained virtuosos on these instruments. If we use them as creative means of communication and self-expression within our group of clients, the inspiration and motivation for these activities are immediately significantly greater due to the beautiful, wonderful sounds these instruments create. The same applies to rhythmic instruments - drums, percussion, melodic percussion, etc.

Sometimes it can be amazing to give children or clients various beautifully sounding musical instruments that are very easy to play and are mutually tuned. The player can play more or less anything on their instrument and always remains part of a beautifully and harmoniously sounding whole. It is always a very joyful and uplifting experience for everyone.

However, it is clear that within our specific work, type of students, or clients, we must carefully consider which instruments we will use ourselves and which we will entrust to them... (some instruments are somewhat delicate by nature).

If you wish, we will be happy to advise you on the optimal selection of musical instruments or sets for your specific needs and type of activity as well as financial possibilities, so you can enjoy them and their results as much as possible. We can also advise you on their handling and playing. Many instruments can be directly viewed, listened to, and tried out with us.