Himalayan Bowl 736 g
Himalayan Bowl 736 g

Himalayan Bowl 736 g

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Sound samples

Himalayan Bowl 736 g - sample


Tibetan singing bowls are universal therapeutic and harmonizing musical instruments with a large spectrum of application. We personally select the highest quality bowls from the best Nepali and Indian sources. 

What can singing bowls bring to you?

  • they can harmonise your body and mind
  • they can help you to relax after a hard day 
  • you can use them for music therapy and healing 
  • they look beautiful when you just look at them

You can also have a look at our specially tuned sets of singing bowls 

How to play singing bowl?

All our bowls will enchant you with their beautiful sound and vibrations. You can play them by mallet striking or spinning. You can perceive their vibrations while playing them in your hand, on the floor or also putting them on the body of a client. Each of our bowl is an original by its shape and sound and each is unique. The photos are illustrative.

What is the sound of each bowl?

You can listen to the sound sample for each of our singing bowls. 


  • diameter 16 cm
  • weight 736 g


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