Xylophone concert RXC 4000V

The instruments fo the concert series have bars of finest selected Honduras Rosewood, specially processed with multiple overtone tuning for an unmatched sound quality. For the instruments of the professional series there is the choice between bars made of Honduras Rosewood, GRILLODUR - a highly quality fibreglass material with advantages regarding resistance to impact and pitch stability - or bars made of bright, African Rosewood. Also these tone bars are carefully tuned in regard to overtones.

The instruments of the concert and professional series are equipped with a new patented frame which enables the player, from performance to performance, to adjust the semitone bars, either level or raised and overla...more

Available upon order
125 950 CZK
104 091 CZK without VAT
4 844,23 EUR
4 003,50 EUR without VAT
4 343,10 GBP
3 589,34 GBP without VAT
Xylophone concert RXC 4000V
  • 4 Octaves c1 - c5
  • Only selected Honduras Rosewood bars, which has been stored under the best conditions is used, 50 - 40 x 23 mm
  • The newly developed and patented frame of the instrument enables the player, to adjust the semitone bars into the required form, either level or raised and overlapped, in a few moments
  • Continuously adjustable in height 79 - 94 cm
  • Extremely solid stand, easy to fold for transportation
  • Measure: 160 x 68 cm
  • protective cover included
  • One pair each of No 118, 023 and 024 mallets included