Vibraphone concert RVC3030 G/S/B

All the instruments of the concert series are characterised by full volume and dynamic response. The removable tone bars are made of high grad aluminium alloy and are multiple overtone tuned. The sensitive adjustable damping permits any individual playing technique and the large damping pedal in the concert series ensures easy and comfortable damping. New energy saving vibraphone motor (24 volt) with a synchronised speed of the vibrato waves as standard....more

Available upon order
181 480 CZK
149 983 CZK without VAT
6 980,00 EUR
5 768,60 EUR without VAT
6 257,93 GBP
5 171,84 GBP without VAT
Vibraphone concert RVC3030 G/S/B
  • Tonal range f - f 3
  • Bars made of high-grade aluminum alloy 57 - 38 x 13,5 mm
  • Continuously adjustable in height 72 - 93 cm
  • Measures: 151 x 80 cm
  • protective cover included
  • One pair each of No F 013, F 014 and F 015 mallets are included
  • on demand with the RSSD Synchro Silent Drive motor available