Therapeutic vibration bed large

 The enlarged version of the top quality sound bed....more

Available upon order
129 000 CZK
106 612 CZK without VAT
4 777,78 EUR
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3 613,95 GBP without VAT
Therapeutic vibration bed large
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The sound bed that yet deepens and increases the impact of the basic model. Large size (90 cm width) brings yet more intensive and deeper spectrum of vibrations that resonate in the most subtle cellular levels and also within the mind. Very unique experience.

The depth of the vibrations, richness of the tones, resonations and harmonies is unparaleled. The bed is uniquely round shaped (bringing very comfortable "embracing" feeling) with 2 monochords (A and deep D). The effects of this bed are very deep, healing, relaxing, harmonising and uplifting. 

Ideal for various types of music therapy, wellness, healing and also home use ...

Equipped with very easy and sophisticated system of fine tuning.

You are welcome to try this bed in our studio any time.

As an accessory, you can also order 6 wooden plates (easily adjustable) for the tibetan bowls for 130 EUR.

Dimensions: length 203 cm, width 89 cm, height at the edges 83 cm, height at the middle 73 cm.