Therapeutic Tuning Fork Earth

Therapeutic planetary tuning fork Earth, frequency of 194.18 Hz.

The tone 'G' with 194.18 Hz is the 24th octave of one earth day. That means the following: the tuning fork oscillates 194.18 times per second back and forth. If you duplicate this vibrations at 24 octave lower, the tuning fork would need exactly one day to oszillate back and forth. To move to a lower octave is to halve the frequency, to more up an octave is to double the frequency.

An octave is the fundamental musical interval in the general teaching of harmony. The sequence of the tones as well as the names of the tones are repeated from octave to octave.

Out of all intervalls the octave causes the strongest resonance at an equal level of energy. This particular property of t...more

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Therapeutic Tuning Fork Earth
Manufactured using highest quality nickel-plated steel with a surface as smooth as glass. The prongs are 4 x 8 mm with smoothly rounded edges joined to a handle with a thicker base.

They are heavier than other commercially available 440 Hz tuning forks and therefore resonate longer after being struck. Handcrafted and electronically calibrated at 20°C, the note precision with a tolerance of +/- 0.5 Cent (one semi-tone = 100 Cent) far exceeds the DIN (German Industry Norm) standard requirements. The audio frequency has been stamped onto the base.