String tambourine

The string tambourine originally comes from France, where it was used in the Middle Ages as an accompaniment instrument, similar to a hammered dulcimer or a chorded zither. Each chord is made up of 3 strings which are hit with a mallet, a plectrum or the fingertips.

Length 66 cm, width 16 cm, chords 5

The string tambura has an enormous fullness of sound and is extremely simple to play. It is both a plucked string instrument and a percussion instrument at the same time. No matter how it is played, it always produces a  deep, wide, very warm and all-encompassing sound.

The string tambourine is suited to accompanying songs with chords, similar to a guitar. And yet it is much simpler to play because you only have to hit the chords and don’t have to change the fing...more

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String tambourine
Video ukázka Strunná tamburina
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