SOUND BED "LENA" 190 cm slim

Sound therapeutic bed "Lena" 190x62 cm with 60 strings, two monochords and the unique fine tuning system. Supplied with digital tuner and tuning key....more

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Sound Bed LENA

We are happy to introduce our new production line of top quality string and therapeutic musical instruments. The sound bed LENA brings beautiful sound and perfect manufacturing quality for very reasonable price.

Sound bend is very special therapeutic musical instrument based on a fact that our whole body and mind react very deeply and positively on harmonising vibrations. Due to its very special acoustic construction, the rich resonations of this instrument are perceived through the whole body, that brings deeply harmonising and regenerative effects.

The sound bed LENA creates very rich and beautiful sound vibrations that fills the whole body and mind. It consists of two monochords (each placed on one side), each tuned in a different tone, that brings effects in two different vibrational levels.

Its slightly curved shape is very pleasant for a person resting on it.

This sound bed is ideal for sound healing, wellness and various forms of music therapy. It also works great in schools and kindergartens and for clients of various types of social institutions.