The rain stick are music instruments of various sizes, material and design. This stick is always filled up with various types of particles and seeds, which create a sound similar to rain or flowing water (you can use them as a rhythmic rattle as well). These are very pleasant and relaxation tools, which can be used as an acoustic background in combination with other musical instruments. 

The rainstick is believed to have been invented by the Aztecs and was played in the belief it could bring about rainstorms. Rainsticks are usually made from any of several species of cactus. The cacti, which are hollow, are dried in the sun. The spines are removed, then driven into the cactus like nails. Pebbles or other small objects are placed inside the rainstick, and the ends are sealed. A sound like falling water is made when the rainstick has its direction changed to a vertical position.
Rainsticks may also be made with other common materials like paper towel rolls instead of cactus, and nails or toothpicks instead of thorns and are often sold to tourists visiting parts of Latin America, including the Southern United States.
We have a rich and unique offer of various types and sizes of rain sticks, which is literally one of the largest offers in Europe. You can choose from miniature to large rain sticks, with natural surface (wood, cactus) and with magnificent patterns and design. They are ideal for different types of music therapy, music education, playing with music and relaxation and joy from beautiful sounds.