If you look for the most beautifully sounding metal tongue instruments, welcome at Kigonki :) Kigonki are truly unique musical instruments. Each instrument is the only original and when you play it, it will not stop fascinating you by its beautiful rich harmonic resonances. At the moment we have over 40 Kigonkis here for you - in various types, colours and tunings. Please, look below for more information, photos and music samples of the various Kigonki types: one sided Buty, Plato and Grand Plato and two sided Lulu, Plato Ulu and the ultimate Grand Plato Ulu.

At present, we have the following Kigonki available:
Enki - E minor, C major, D Celtic, D pygmy
Lulu - Bb Hamsadwani
Plato Ulu - C major, D minor
Grand Plato - B minor