Master concert monochord

This master concert monochord (kotamo) brings not only the top sound quality but also the possibilities of various configurations and setups of your instrument....more

Available upon order
36 000 CZK
29 752 CZK without VAT
1 384,62 EUR
1 144,31 EUR without VAT
1 241,38 GBP
1 025,93 GBP without VAT
1 Lake 02:06
2 Bhairav 2 02:28
3 Zen 02:38
Master concert monochord
The instrument is two sided and you can select your own special configuration. Usually it consists of 17 strings Koto with movable bridges on one side and 20 string monochord on the other side. You can also include 4 strings tanpura on the monochord side or you can also have double side Koto. You can play both sides at the same time.
The mixture of rare woods together with perfect and unique design bring an exceptional sound, rich in overtones and beautiful resonances that opens an unlimited field for musical creativity and pure joy of music. You can listen to few samples from Ivo Sedlacek's albums "Garden of Silence" and "Mystical Violin 2" played on this instrument.

The usual length is 120 cm. The final price depends on the chosen configuration.