Marimba professional RM 45/M

Basic F-Marimba expandable to E or C-marimba by the player at a later date.

Sound and Intonation: precise, stable tuning -  hand selected African Mututi is used - full-bodied fundamentals and strong projection in the bass - wide dynamic range with consistent tonal balance in all ranges - tuning to customer requirements from 440 to 446 Hz without extra charges.

Construction and frame: extremely solid and stable frame even after frequent assembly and disassembly - beams using an aluminium/wood sandwich construction for lasting stability - beams can be adjusted at the hinges to ensure an absolutely flat keyboard - large wheels, two of which offer double protection against rolling and lateral movement - the A- and F-Marimba perm...more

Available upon order
203 580 CZK
168 248 CZK without VAT
7 830,00 EUR
6 471,07 EUR without VAT
7 020,00 GBP
5 801,65 GBP without VAT
Marimba professional RM 45/M
Measure: 229 x 108 cm
75 mm wide tone bars in the bass - perfect for playing larger intervals
4.5 Octaves F - c4