Large Single Hand Chimes

Hand chimes are highly cost effective as a group instrument, enabling players of various abilities and experience to share in the making of enjoyable and satisfying music.

To play these hand chimes firmly hold the chime bar end with the beater facing up and your hand near to the beater holder. A simple downward movement with your hand will make the beater strike the chime. The beater will spring back off the chime to give a clear sustained sound,


If the action becomes sticky from a build up of static, spray lightly with any ordinary spray polish and you will immediately be aware of the difference. Spraying lightly is all that is needed to get rid of the static; too much spray could restrict action.

Price per 1 piece.


Available upon order
2 304 CZK
1 904 CZK without VAT
82,28 EUR
68,00 EUR without VAT
74,32 GBP
61,42 GBP without VAT
Large Single Hand Chimes

Note range: C40 – B51
·         C4 (C40) - Length  51.5cm, weight 740gms
·         C#4 (C#41) - Length  49.5cm, weight 708gms
·         D4 (D42) - Length  47.2cm, weight 679gms
·         D#4(D#43) - Length 45cm, weight 653gms
·         E4(E44) - Length 42.5cm, weight 619gms
·         F4(F45) - Length 40.5cm, weight  592gms
·         F#4(F#46) - Length 38.5cm, weight  564gms
·         G4 (G47) – Length 35.5cm, weight 373gms
·         G#4 (G#48) - Length  33 cm, weight 347gms
·         A4 (A49) - Length  32cm, weight 342gms
·         Bb4(Bb50) – Length  30.5cm, weight 328gms
·         B4(B51) - Length 29.5cm, weight 313gms
(Length and weight may vary a fraction due to tuning densities of material)
·        All beaters measure Width 3.5cm, Height 3.5cm