Kalimba OLEA Pick Up double row

Hand made 19-tone electroacoustic OLEA calyx on a walnut resonance plate. Kalimba is in the diatonic tuning of Gdur. Professional calimba with the range we have just dreamed of......more

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Kalimba OLEA Pick Up double row

The largest caliber in terms of body and range of tones.
Kalimbu we recommend to musicians who like to experiment with sound, or simply to kalimba lovers, who want to please her even more audiences. During production, professional components were used to ensure clarity and sound quality. The biggest tool from the Kalimb Bolf family, is the perfect fit for adults and the older children will play comfortably. You'll definitely appreciate the tone range and great sound in the game. Used material: walnut wood, matt metal mechanics. Dimensions 17 x 14 cm.

The cable is not included.hanics.