Interactive songharp

The interactive songharp is a plugged instrument with 17 strings in diatonic scale....more

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Interactive songharp
Video ukázka

It can be played on a table or on the lap and you can place prepared sheet music under the strings. Then you just have to follow the order of the tones and hit the strings above them in order to play simple songs.

For the songharp there are 15 ready to play children’s and folk songs which everyone knows.

This instrument makes it easy to learn to play from sheet music. It helps you to get rid of the fear of playing from a sheet music.

If you remove the sheet music from the instrument you can improvise to your heart’s content. Because of the diatonic tuning you cannot play any common melodies.

This songharp was especially developed for the nursery and primary school segment. 

It is of solid construction, holds its tuning very well and has an optimal size.

Length 72 cm, width 24 cm, height 6 cm.