Hoop Drum

The Hoop Drum is an American Indian barrel drum.
Built in the same way as the Powow drum but smaller which makes them easier to transport and you can also use shoulder straps to hang them around your shoulder....more

Available upon order
388 CZK
321 CZK without VAT
14,94 EUR
12,35 EUR without VAT
13,39 GBP
11,07 GBP without VAT
Hoop Drum

Ø 40 cm, height 37 cm.

Ø 45 cm, 43 cm Height  442,00 € incl. VAT
Ø 50 cm, 43 cm Height  493,00 € incl. VAT
Ø 55 cm, 50 cm Height  557,00 € incl. VAT