Chakra Set Splus

The set with 7 tuning forks tuned into frequencies of 7 chakras in the size Splus with ergonomic handles....more

Available upon order
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Chakra Set Splus

The set includes:

1st  Chakra = 194.18 Hz Earth-day
2nd Chakra = 210.42 Hz Moon, synodic
3rd  Chakra = 126.22 Hz Sun tone
4rd  Chakra = 136.10 Hz Earth-year, Om
5th  Chakra = 141.27 Hz Mercury
6th  Chakra = 221.23 Hz Venus
7th  Chakra = 172.06 Hz Earth-Platonic year

Plus the booklet The Cosmic Octave Tuning Forks"

Length 20,25 cm, stem 5,5 cm

An improved “S” tuning forks with ergonomically designed soft grip handle making it easier and more comfortable to use during sonopuncture.