Meditation Brass swinging chimes
Meditation Brass swinging chimes
Meditation Brass swinging chimes

Meditation Brass swinging chimes

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These unique brass rotating chimes are the source of beautiful sound and rich resonances with very long sustain. Amazing musical instrument for sound healing, music therapy, relaxation and meditation. They are tuned around D scale but they can be tuned according to your wishes as well into tempered or natural tuning. They can have 6-12 tones. During playing you can move with them to increase and deepen the resonances, you can also hang them and rotate with them.
Below you will find available tunings and sets with prices. Supplied with a special mallet. When ordering, please write the selected set in the note.



D-minor 6 chimes Ø25mm, tune a‘-c‘‘-d‘‘-f‘‘-g‘‘-a‘‘ 720 €  (D-min A6/25sw)

D-minor 8 chimes Ø25mm, tune a‘-c‘‘-d‘‘-f‘‘-g‘‘-a‘‘-c‘‘‘-d‘‘‘ 918 € (D-min A8/25sw)

D-minor 10 chimes Ø25mm, tune a‘-c‘‘-d‘‘-f‘‘-g‘‘-a‘‘-c‘‘‘-d‘‘‘-e‘‘‘-f ‘‘‘ 1078 €  (D-min A10/25sw)


D-minor 8 chimes Ø25mm, tune d‘‘-f‘‘-a‘‘-c‘‘‘-d‘‘‘-e‘‘‘-g‘‘‘-c‘‘‘‘ 825 € (D-min D8/25sw)



D-major 6 chimes Ø25mm, tune h‘-d‘‘-e‘‘-f#‘‘-a‘‘-h‘‘ 720 € (D-maj H6/25sw)

D-major 8 chimes Ø25mm, tune h‘-d‘‘-f#‘‘-a‘‘-h‘‘-d‘‘‘-e‘‘‘-f#‘‘‘ 918 €  (D-maj H8/25sw)

D-major 10 chimes Ø25mm, tune h‘-d‘‘-e‘‘-f#‘‘-a‘‘-h‘‘-d‘‘‘-e‘‘‘-f#‘‘‘-a‘‘‘ 1078 €  (D-maj H10/25sw)


D-major 8 chimes Ø25mm, tune d‘‘-f#‘‘-a‘‘-h‘‘-d‘‘‘-e‘‘‘-f#‘‘‘-a‘‘‘ 825 €  (D-maj D8/25sw)


9 chimes, 3 x Ø35mm, 3 x Ø30mm, 3 x Ø25mm 1455 € (Sol-333/sw)

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