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The blend of precious 100% natural essential oils in the highest CTEO® quality (Certified Therapeutic Essential Oils) can promote love, peace and harmony in you through its synergistic combination.

„All you need is love“, all you need is love, is sung in the famous Beatles song. Love, love. One short word that can conjure up different meanings and images in different people's minds. The ancient Greeks were better able to distinguish in their language and used different words for the words to describe their images of love. Eros for the personal love of lovers, Storge for the love of kinship, Philia for the love of friendship, Philanthrope for the love of mankind, Agape for love without object, love that is a state of being.

The precious essential oils in this blend, energised in the process of pyramiding, can, through the synergy of their many hundreds of individual components and their high frequencies, assist in the process of turning attention inward and opening one's heart.

Each of us, consciously or unconsciously, is walking this path of self-discovery and self-fulfillment. The use of one's own will and activity are a must. Paul Brunton wrote a beautiful statement on this subject, „Two things are required of man before Grace can be manifested in him. The first is the ability to receive it. The second is cooperation with it. For the first he must humble the ego, for the second he must purify it.“

We all have love in our hearts. Its connection and balance with intelligence leads to wisdom.

  • Content: 5 ml

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