Sansula Renaissance

We have developed the Sansula Renaissance to combine the best features of our other models in one.

While the basic Sansula instrument has a relatively delicate membrane, the Renaissance is fitted with a robust REMO (USA) drumskin....more

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Sansula Renaissance
The Renaissance is resistant to moisture, so it retains its tension under conditions of varying air humidity and thus also retains its wonderful sound.

Furthermore the new membrane is now much more robust. The instrument can be used in children’s nurseries and play groups without the risk of it being easily damaged.

The appearance of the Sansula Renaissance differs from that of the other models in that it is fitted with a rounded wooden rim.

Most importantly, the Sansula Renaissance has inherited the indescribable sounds of the Sansula Klassik.  

The tuning of the instrument, in a-minor with additional b and f, allows wonderful melodies to be produced, almost by themselves, by plucking the tines with the thumbs.